Youth & Young Adult CPS Training

Alongside the advocacy work we do, PMHCA has a selection of trainings that are outstanding. There are trainings for mental health professionals, peer professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more about mental health and recovery. We pride ourselves in the creation of a learning environment that is safe, comfortable, and effective. For most trainings offered, there is an in person, virtual, or hybrid ability. If you have questions about listed trainings or are interested in scheduling, please email

Youth & Young Adult Certified Peer Specialist Training

This 3-day workshop allows for education, conversation, and skill building that focuses on working directly with the youth and young adult population as well as enhancing the knowledge attendees may already have about peer empowered story sharing and relationship building with the peers they work with. Certification is provided

Learning Objectives:

  • Engaging youth and young adult peers – supporting change and establishing boundaries through an ethical/professional relationship
  • Defining effective youth engagement and building rapport
  • Understanding trauma in early childhood development and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)
  • Increasing resiliency and purpose when working with youth and young adults (self-esteem)
  • Learning the difference/What to do – What is an emergency? What is a crisis?
  • Understanding how to navigate the system of care
  • Prioritizing the importance of self-care
  • Sharing and illustrating your recovery story

Time: 3-Day Training

Number of People: 30

December 7, 2022 thru December 9, 2022 - Training will be held virtually on Zoom from 9 am to 4 pm. Cost is $300 per participant/ $270 for members.  Register Now! - This is a PCB Approved Training

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