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Youth MOVE Pennsylvania

Youth MOVE PA has started a youthquake for all young adults between the ages of 16 to 29 to be active powerful forces in their own social supports and to have a seat at the table of public policy as it relates to youth in Pennsylvania. As young adults, we will represent, empower, and encourage all of our peers and their allies to unite in educating and providing supports through advocacy in order to revolutionize the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Youth MOVE PA's ongoing work includes advocating for young adults with lived experience, maintaining a social media presence, and developing curriculums to advance the opportunities for, and voices of, young adults.

It is our vision that all young adults across the state of Pennsylvania will be active, respected and powerful forces of positive change in the delivery of social services and the design of social and public policy.


We are looking for people between the ages of 16 to 29 with lived experience in the areas of social services such as:

  • juvenile justice,
  • mental health,
  • child welfare,
  • foster care, and,
  • drug and alcohol services.

Also, if you have learned how to have the life you want, have succeeded in transition – being able to be successful in taking care of yourself - sometimes known as surviving the system, we would like to talk to you.

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Contact Us

Zack Karenchak, Email, Policy and Program Development Coordinator

Tristan Schnoke, Email, Social Marketing and Trauma Engagement Coordinator

Aaron Zimmerman, Email, Member Services and Engagement Coordinator

or call 717-564-4930

L to R: Aarom Zimmerman, Tristan Schnoke, Govan Martin Excec. Director of Prevent Suicide PA, and Zack Karenchak.

Youth MOVE PA Website!

Check out the new website for Youth MOVE PA Here:

Young Adult Road Map Master Trainers

Zack Karenchak of Youth MOVE PA, has been certified as a Master Trainer of the Young Adult Road Map program.

The Young Adult Road Map program helps people in their teens and twenties navigate the everyday challenges of independent living.

Training is designed to help social workers, counselors, case managers, peer support providers, and school behavioral health staff use interactive materials with transition-age-youth in one-on-one sessions or in support groups.

Zack is available to provide training for individuals to become a Facilitator or a Coach of the Young Adult Road Map program. Get in touch with him for more information.

Call 717-564-4930 or email

4105 Derry Street

Harrisburg, PA 17111

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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