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Trauma Talk

Alongside the advocacy work we do, PMHCA has a selection of trainings that are outstanding. There are trainings for mental health professionals, peer professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more about mental health and recovery. We pride ourselves in the creation of a learning environment that is safe, comfortable, and effective. For most trainings offered, there is an in person, virtual, or hybrid ability. If you have questions about listed trainings or are interested in scheduling, please email

Trauma Talk Workshop

This workshop talks to attendees about what trauma is, how it can affect us throughout our lives, and what we can do about it. This will help participants feel more comfortable talking about their trauma. There is a skill-building portion which is to help attendees feel more confident in using the skills they are taught along with identifying what they already use to help organize their “trauma closet”. Along with the workshop, attendees will receive a participant packet and a bracelet included in the cost. Certification is provided.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about trauma, triggers, trauma responses, superpowers (coping skills), resilience, and post traumatic growth
  • A personal trauma story will be presented to help attendees learn about many different types of trauma
  • Attendees will learn about their triggers and how to manage them
  • The importance of being understanding when someone around you may be triggered
  • Help attendees to understand what the Flight, Fight, and Freeze responses are, why they happen, and how to handle them
  • This presentation is a different concept than most trauma trainings and we believe this new language focusing around the “trauma closet” will help attendees retain more knowledge on all of the above learning objectives. The concept of the “trauma closet” is a new way of visualizing what we do with our traumatic experiences and how to gain the tools needed to turn your “messy trauma closet” into an “organized trauma closet”

Time: 2.5 hours (virtual) or 3 hours (in person)

Number of people:  25

Office Phone: 717.221.1022

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Call or Text 9-8-8

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