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Drop-In Centers and Peer Resource Centers

The Pennsylvania Coalition of Drop-In Centers and Peer Resource Centers is a group partnership dedicated to the members of the community who attend, work, or volunteer at Drop-In centers across Pennsylvania. Members support one another by sharing their best practices and program ideas while working together to promote the opening of Drop-In centers across the whole of Pennsylvania. The mission of the coalition is to provide support to these centers. They encourage those centers to welcome all people in recovery and to promote their wellness by assisting with community integration and inclusion.   

What is a Drop-In Center?

A Drop-In Center is a central location for self-help, advocacy, education, and socialization. A center may provide an opportunity for socializing and networking that addresses the isolation felt by many in mental health recovery. 

Most Drop-In centers are open to all mental health consumers. There is no membership fee or admission charged. All Drop-In Centers work hard to provide hope, support, and resources to help those continue on their road to recovery. 

Who Should Use The Database?

If you are looking for a place in your county the provides the opportunity to get to know others in mental health recovery and access to mental health resources in one location, then this database is a good place to start your journey.

If you are a professional who would like to use this database as a reference tool to refer people to such opportunities. 

If you are a Drop-In Center administrator or staff and are looking to extend your professional network. 

What is the Purpose of the Coalition?

The purpose of the coalition is for centers to have effective, State-wide communication with one another and be able to network in order to sustain vital programs they may provide. 

What are the Goals of the Coalition?

The Goals of the Coalition is to provide technical assistance, mentoring, and training to member centers with a commitment to bettering the services, activities, and governing of the coalition by developing innovative approaches. 

These goals will be accomplished by:

  • Encouraging recovery-promoting services and activities
  • Advocating for individuals who attend, work, or volunteer at Drop-In and Peer Resource Centers.
  • Developing a shared resource that will help spread innovative and successful strategies for programs and finding sustainable financial resources across the centers.
  • Developing of a state-wide directory available and kept updated on this web-page. 
  • The Development of an electronic newsletter called the DROP-INsight

Services Provided by Drop-In Centers

The following information lists some of the services offered and what populations may be served by a Drop-in Center*

Some Drop-ins focus on:

  • Building or Rebuilding Social Skills
  • Education and Training
  • Vocational Training
  • Homelessness Issues
  • Developing Peer Leadership
  • Providing Resources for Personal Recovery Journeys
  • Providing Hot Meals

Some Drop-Ins Serve Individuals Who:

  • Are Under the Age of 18
  • Are Over The Age of 18
  • Have a Current Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Diagnosis
  • Self-Identify as Having a Mental Health Issue
  • Are Homeless

Some Drop-Ins are Run By:

  • Professional Provider Agents
  • Peers
  • Mental health Associations
  • Church Groups

*Services and Individuals Served can vary by center. The database provides information on individuals served by a center. 

For More Information

For more information about the services available in your county, please contact your county's Mental Health Administrator's Office. You can visit the Mental Health/Developmental Services Administrators Website Here to find the MH Administrator office in your county. 


Drop-In Center Managers and Lead Staff: Please help us to keep this database up to date. If there are changes to the information about your center or if you are a new center and would like to be added to the database,

Or if you are interested in getting involved in the coalition,

Please contact Kathy Quick at - with any information for edits or additions. 

Find a Drop-In Center in Your County

To learn more about the services in your area, search for a Drop-In Center in your county below. 

Not every county has a Drop-In center. This database will be kept up to date but may not include every center or may not include new centers.

If there are no Drop-In Centers in your county, please consider starting one. All it takes if a public space and like minds.

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