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Life through my lens

When we believe mental illness makes us less-than valuable to the world, we invite others to believe the same. When we treat ourselves without grace and compassion, we invite others to treat us similarly. But when we recognize our strengths, celebrate our individuality, and take pride in our journey, we show the world how to do the same.

To change how others see us, we must first change the lens through which we see ourselves.


The Life Through My Lens stigma campaign recently launched at the 2022 Peerpocalpyse Conference in Seaside, Oregon in March of 2022. You can participate & follow this stigma campaign by posting pictures of life through your lens and using the #lifethroughmylens


Kathy Quick, Tristan Schnoke, and Kevin Puskaric crushing Self-Stigma at the 2022 Peerpocalyse Conference in Seaside, Oregon.

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